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With the ever increasing ubiquity of Linux in both the server and embedded markets, Open I.T Trainings introductory and intermediate Linux training courses provide both companies and individuals with a variety of training options to increase their knowledge and use of Linux. We have kept our Linux Training courses vendor-neutral to give you an overview of Linux.

Red Hat Linux Certifications
Invest in your skills or the skills of your team with online interactive training program, Video Tutorials are included as well as role-based training for IT professionals and developers. Master key tasks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, and more.

Exam Information

Exam summary

To complete an Linux Red Hat 4 Course Training package you need to complete these modules:

Exam 1: Linux
Exam 2: Linux Red Hat Certification RHCSA EX200
Exam 3: Linux Red Hat Certification RHCE EX300
Exam 4: - Linux Red Hat Technician RHCT RH202

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Red Hat Online Learning is our next-generation, self-paced online learning that addresses the real needs of the modern technology professional. These courses feature Videos, Audio, Questions and answer sections as well as 24/7 support and past and mock examination papers delivering high quality content 24/7.

Career & Job Opportunities

You can Earn on average £50,000pa with Linux and Red Hat Training, in the UK. 90% of Linux certified professionals are offered a salary over £29,500.

Many companies and organizations have made this certification mandatory for certain positions and many job ads list the certs as basic requirement.

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We will work with you to ensure that you can find work in IT after completing your Linux and Red Hat Training.

Working with JobcentrePlus and our Recruitment Partners across the UK, we will work with you to ensure that you can find work in IT (an not in any job) through job interviews and applications. We aim to get you in an IT job role on completion of your Linux and Red Hat Training. If you have no qualification or background in IT, we will provide you with the necessary training for the experience required. For existing Linux and Red Hat professionals, we can upgrade your qualifications and improve your career prospects. Do not allow your lack of experience or self-confidence deny you from a career in I.T - it is a lot easier (and enjoyable too) than most people think, once you learn the basics.


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The course overview

The Linux and Red Hat Training is the latest generation in accounting and bookkeeping skills and as such there is no current retirement plan for its exams. Below is a breakdown of the modules for this certification and how they are made up.

More Exam Information

Linux and Red Hat

This course is set out in the following module:

- Linux
- Linux Red Hat Certification (RHCSA EX200)
- Linux Red Hat Certification (RHCE EX300)
- Linux Red Hat Technician (RHCT RH202)


Linux and Red Hat Training

This training course provides a general overview of the Linux operating system. Topics include partitioning and the boot process, basic system configuration, file management, and text stream processing. The series also covers user management, group management, and file permissions. Administrative tasks covered in this series include basic job scheduling utilities, as well as system backup strategies and strategies for system documentation and user support. In order to receive the certification, applicants must pass an examination that includes sections on the following topics, among others:

  • Linux
    • Linux: File Management
    • Linux: GNU and Linux Commands
    • Linux: File System Maintenance
    • Linux: Users and Groups
    • Linux: Text Streams
    • Linux: Permissions
    • Linux: Administration and Documentation
    • Linux: Backup and Restore
  • Linux Red Hat Certification RHCSA EX200
    • Preparing for Red Hat Certification
    • Virtual Machines and Automated Install
    • Fundamental Command Line Skills
    • RHCSA-Level Security Options
    • The Boot Process
    • Package Management
    • User Administration
    • RHCSA-Level System Admin Tasks
  • Linux Red Hat Certification RHCE EX300
    • Preparing for Red Hat Certification
    • Security Primer
    • System Services and SELinux
    • RHCE Administrative Tasks
    • Electronic Mail Servers
    • Apache Web Server
    • Samba File Server
    • Other File-Sharing Services
    • Administrative Services
  • Linux Red Hat Technician RHCT RH202
    • RHCT Prerequisites
    • Installation
    • Advanced Installation
    • Basic Configuration and Administration
    • Kernel, User, and Recovery Administration
    • The X Window System
    • Linux Network Clients
    • Exam Practice

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