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Certification summary

The CompTIA Network+ certification is the sign of a qualified networking professional. CompTIA Network+ certification is the world standard for a career in computer networking - recognised by employers and other IT awarding bodies such as Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Compaq, Lotus and 3Com.

Exam Information

Exams summary

The CompTIA Network+ requires a student to pass one examinations:

CompTIA Network+ N10-005

A closer look...

CompTIA are a world leading developer of vendor-neutral qualifications such as the CompTIA A+. Vendor-neutrality means that CompTIA qualifications suit a wide range of requirements rather than being tied to specific software or hardware.

A variety of government organisations, training institutions and corporations around the UK recommend or require CompTIA Network+ certifications for their staff or channel partners. Companies such as Canon, Dell, Apple, HP, Oxford & Cambridge, Sharp and Xerox recommend or require CompTIA Network+ for their networking technicians. It is a technical prerequisite option for IT technicians seeking to join the Apple Consultants Network, and is recognised by the U.S. Department of Defence.

Information and computer networks have become increasingly important in the modern world. As the demand for networking skills grow, gaining a Network+ certification will further distinguish yourself in a fast growing IT and telecommunications market.

Career & Job Opportunities

The CompTIA Network+ is the industry standard certification for anyone looking at entering the IT networking market. Because it's recognised around the world and it's vendor-neutral, lots of organisations list this qualification as the minimum technical requirement for their IT networking staff and contractors.

In the UK, the average salary of a CompTIA Network+ technician is £25,400pa. Below is a list of the range of career opportunities offered to Network+ Technicians:

    • Systems Administrator;
    • Systems Engineer;
    • Technical Support Specialist;
    • Field Service Technician;
    • Desktop Support Specialist;
    • 1st Line Support Engineer;
    • IT Support Administrator;
    • PC Technician;

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of CompTIA Network+ technicians are being offered a salary of more than £25,400pa in the UK.

The one exam

The CompTIA Network+ is the latest generation in CompTIA technology and as such there is no current retirement plan for its exams. Below is a breakdown of the exams for this certification and how they are made up.

More Exam Information


This exam measures a candidate's knowledge of basic ICT vocabulary and PC components. The exam covers the basics of setting up a PC workstation, installing software and recognising / preventing security threats.

- Networking Concepts.
- Installation and Configuration.
- Media and Topologies.
- Network Management.
- Network Security.


The CompTIA Network+ - N10-005

Here are the module chapters and the key topics that will be covered within the module:

  • Chapter 1: Networking Concepts
    • 1.1 Models and Devices
    • 1.2 Network Addressing
    • 1.3 Ports, Protocols and DNS
    • 1.4 Virtual Networks and Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 2: Installation and Configuration
    • 2.1 Switches and Routers
    • 2.2 Wireless
    • 2.3 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • 2.4 Small Office/Home Office
  • Chapter 3: Media and Topologies
    • 3.1 Standard Media and Connectors
    • 3.2 Wide and Local Area Networks
    • 3.3 Network Topologies
  • Chapter 4: Network Management
    • 4.1 Documentation and Monitoring
    • 4.2 Hardware and Software
    • 4.3 Performance Optimization
  • Chapter 5: Operational Procedures
    • 5.1 Wireless Security
    • 5.2 Network Access
    • 5.3 Threats and Mitigation
    • 5.4 Appliances and Physical Security

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