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Course Information

Certification summary

This course is designed to teach money management and investing skills to help the average consumer get the greatest return for his or her money. The series is for users who wish to learn how to control debt, choose credit and banking accounts wisely, and create a solid plan for retirement.

Exam Information

Course summary

To complete an Interview Skills training you need to complete these chapters:

Chapter 1: Confronting Debt
Chapter 2: Eliminating Debt
Chapter 3: Banking Basics
Chapter 4: Choosing Bank Accounts
Chapter 5: Planning Your Retirement
Chapter 6: Exploring Investment Options

A closer look...

The course provides information on bank accounts, payment methods, knowing your income, completing a budget sheet, dealing with debts, getting the best deal for you and top money saving tips.

What you get:

You will receive Unlimited Access to all of the Budgeting and Saving course materials. Your online training course will be available from anywhere you have internet access. This e-learning series includes all of the online training tutorials listed and is provided in an interactive, self-paced format. You can retake any and all of our computer training as much as you want. Our online courses allows you to learn anytime, anywhere from any computer that has access to the internet.

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We will work with you to ensure that you can find work in IT after completing your Budgeting and Saving Training.

Working with JobcentrePlus and our Recruitment Partners across the UK, we will work with you to ensure that you can find work in IT (an not in any job) through job interviews and applications. We aim to get you in an IT job role on completion of your Budgeting and Saving Training. If you have no qualification or background in IT, we will provide you with the necessary training for the experience required. For existing Budgeting and Saving professionals, we can upgrade your qualifications and improve your career prospects. Do not allow your lack of experience or self-confidence deny you from a career in I.T - it is a lot easier (and enjoyable too) than most people think, once you learn the basics.


of Budgeting and Saving students said that they're more comfortable managing money after completing the course.

The course overview

The Budgeting and Saving Training is the latest generation in managing money techniques and as such there is no current retirement plan for its exams. Below is a breakdown of the modules for this certification and how they are made up.

More Exam Information

Budgeting & Saving

This course is set out in the following module:

- Confronting Debt
- Eliminating Debt
- Banking Basics
- Choosing Bank Accounts
- Planning Your Retirement


Budgeting & Saving and Eliminating Debt

The course uses engaging activity screens, questions and assessments in conjunction with videos which set the scene for fun, interactive learning. Students will work through real-world technical challenges and will learn how to overcome them. Authentic screenshots, videos, interactive activities and audio feature throughout. The training is delivered through a secure, privacy controlled application, so you can jump in and out of any course whenever you sign in. Here are the module chapters and the key topics that will be covered within the module:

  • Chapter 1: Confronting Debt
    • Assessing Your Debt
    • Creating a Budget
    • Understanding Your Credit Rating
    • Maintaining Good Credit
  • Chapter 2: Eliminating Debt
    • Understanding Credit Cards
    • Developing Smarter Credit Habits
    • Getting Out from Under Debt
    • Rebuilding Damaged Credit
  • Chapter 3: Banking Basics
    • Avoiding Fees and Service Charges
    • Understanding Rates
    • Finding Better Rates
    • Considering Banking Options
  • Chapter 4: Choosing Bank Accounts
    • Understanding Checking Accounts
    • Choosing a Checking Account
    • Choosing Savings Accounts and CDs
    • Banking Online
  • Chapter 5: Planning Your Retirement
    • Becoming an Informed Investor
    • Planning Your Investments
    • Planning for Retirement
    • Cashing In at Retirement
  • Chapter 6: Exploring Investment Options
    • Investing in Stocks
    • Investing in Bonds and Mutual Funds
    • Investing with the Government

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