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Operating System Fundamentals

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Course Information

Certification summary

The Windows 10 course tests your ability to operate, install, maintain and support the Windows 10 environment as well as proving that you have the core skills to deploy and manage Windows 10 clients. This course confirms that you have associate-level knowledge of an Operating System, configuring the tools and features of that Operating System, managing backups and recovery, troubleshooting and using the new tools and features found in Windows 10.

Exam Information

Exams summary

To obtain certification: Windows 10 has one courseware syllabus to complete:

Courseware: Windows 10

A closer look...

With a Windows 10 certification you will be able to understand how to use a leading-class operating system developed by Microsoft Windows 10 marks the final operating system released by Microsoft and pushes the "windows as a service" model deployed to all users and will support the lifetime of all devices. By obtaining this certification you will understand the fundamentals of Windows 10 and the functionalities the system has to offer as a whole.

This course is a great opportunity to identify and work with both old and new features that will constantly continue to develop over the next decade. The Windows 10 course is designed for both users who know how to operate previous computerised operating systems as well as those that have little to no experience. The course covers the basic operations of the OS such as using the File Explorer and making use of the new features embedded into Windows 10 as well as more intermediate tasks such as connecting to a remote computer and performing backups and restores. For more information regarding the courseware syllabus, please read on.

Career & Job Opportunities

By having a certification in using Windows 10 you can be expected to obtain various job roles, such as Project or Design Engineers, Administrator roles and a support technician. As of 2016, the average salary of those specialised in Operating Systems is £27,000pa with more than 85% being offered a salary of more than £25,000pa.

*Source: PayScale Research 2016

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of Windows Operating System Professionals are being offered a salary of more than £25,000pa in the UK.

The courseware

The Windows 10 is the latest generation in Microsoft technology and as such there is no current retirement plan for its course. Below is a breakdown of the course for this certification and how they are made up.

More Exam Information

Windows 10

This course measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed:

- Getting started with Windows 10.
- Launching and Managing Applications.
- Using File Explorer.
- Working with Mail, People, Calendar and Microsoft Edge.
- Using Cortana and other Bundled Apps.



This course measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed: Install and upgrade to Windows 10, Configure hardware and applications, Configure network connectivity, Configure access to resources, Configure remote access and mobility, Monitor and maintain Windows clients, Configure backup and recovery options. Below is the complete syllabus for this course technical tasks:

  • Getting Started
    • Upgrading to Windows 10
    • Running Windows 10 for the first time
    • Understanding the computer's login account
    • Introducing the Action Centre
    • Configuring a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and other Peripherals
    • Understanding modifier keys and keyboard shortcuts
    • Setting up a printer
    • Sleep, shutdown and restart
  • Launching and Managing Applications
    • The Task Bar
    • The Start Menu
    • Interacting with Windows and Ribbons
    • Quitting Applications, Switching to Tablet Mode and using Touch Screen Controls
    • Multitasking between multiple applications and Managing several desktops
  • File Explorer
    • Browsing through folders and folder structure
    • Creating, copying, moving, renaming and deleting files and folders
    • Using an external drive or memory stick
    • Using shortcuts to files and folders and organising the desktop
    • Saving files, zipping and unzipping packages
  • Working with Mail, People, Calendar and Microsoft Edge
    • Linking online accounts to Mail, People and Calendar
    • Working with the Mail app
    • Using the Calendar
    • Using the People app to manage an address book
    • Working with Edge and Internet Explorer
    • Browsing the web, bookmarking sites and the Reading List
    • Downloading files, Web notes and History
  • Using Cortana and other bundled apps
    • Using Cortana
    • Maps and the Weather app
    • Managing and playing music, movies and TV shows
    • Working with notifications
  • Installing apps, essential settings and account settings
    • Installing and uninstalling applications
    • Setting app defaults, changing screen resolution and adjusting audio settings
    • Customising the desktop, sleep and screen saver
    • Managing user accounts, sign-in options and your login account type
  • Sharing with Home Networks, backing up and restoring
    • Connecting to another computer using RDP
    • Setting up and recovering a backup with the File History tool
  • Troubleshooting and Updating
    • Configuring Windows updates
    • Using Windows Defender to protect against malware
    • Reviewing security messages and resolving problems
    • Resetting Windows

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