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Building Relationships Training

How do you build strong networks within your company and among industry peers? How do you communicate effectively with different types of people in the workplace and get your point across clearly? This Training course will help you build bridges and improve your business relationships.


This Training course is for anyone interested in building professional relationships. These training course materials will assist your participants in building positive working relationships with people. In business today we need to ensure that the people are motivated and willing to give 100 percent commitment. This will only happen if a good positive working relationship exists. Therefore, these training course materials are relevant to everyone who wants to ensure good working relationships exist in their workplace.

  • Building Relationships Training
  •  8 Hours
  • £199.99

Topics Includes:


• Socializing at Work
  Learning to network
  Letting others help you
  Surpassing your fears
  Prioritize and prepare
  Controlling your body language
  Enter, connect, exit
  Socializing with savvy


• Understanding Behavioral Intentions
  What are the four intents
  The first intent
  The second intent
  The third intent
  The fourth intent
  Recognizing the results


• Choosing Your Approach

  Four choices
  Reduce differences
  Listen to understand
  Reach a deeper understanding
  Speak to be understood