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Interview Skills Training

Oracle headquarters in Bay peninsula, San Franciso

This course examines the interview process, from obtaining an invitation to an interview to follow-up after the interview. The employer's perspective is discussed, and interview preparation is covered in detail. Proper interview demeanor, including listening and answering, asking questions, effective communication, and negotiating is discussed. Strategies for getting past screening interviews, navigating tough interviews, resolving objections, and managing the follow-up process are also provided.


Benefits of training:


The course uses engaging activity screens, questions and assessments in conjunction with videos which set the scene for fun, interactive learning. Students will work through real-world technical challenges and will learn how to overcome them. Authentic screenshots, videos, interactive activities and audio feature throughout. The training is delivered through a secure, privacy controlled application, so you can jump in and out of any course whenever you sign in.


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• 1 on 1 Tutor Support available throughout your entire training;
• Freephone Support;
• Job Placement and Reference and IT Career Assistance;
• Comprehensive and Fun Interactive Learning with Videos, Simulations, Exercises, Text, Audio and our Tutors;
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• Practice Exams, Questions and Answers;
• No additional software needed;
• Flexible learning over PCs, MACs, Tablets and Hand-Held/Mobile Devices;


  • Interview Skills Training
  •  27 Hours
  • £599.99



Chapter 1: Getting the Interview

This chapter shows you how to find the right job openings and get an invitation to an interview.

  • Objectives
    • - Explain the basic function of an interview
    • - Define a hiring manager's needs for a position
    • - Design a list of skills to offer to a hiring manager
    • - Research companies and job openings
    • - Get in the front door for an interview
  • Topics
    • - Interview Myths and Reality
    • - Solving the Employer's Every Problem
    • - Creating Your Skill List
    • - Researching Companies and Positions
    • - Making Interviews Happen


Chapter 2: Preparing Yourself

This chapter shows you how to prepare for an interview, from the time they receive the request for the interview to the night before.

  • Objectives
    • - Handle a request for an interview
    • - Put together an interview kit
    • - Dress appropriately for an interview
  • Topics
    • - Getting the Call for an Interview
    • - Putting Everything Together
    • - Dressing for Interviewing Success
    • - Wardrobe Notes for Men and Women


Chapter 3: Making an Entrance

This chapter talks you through arriving at an interview and establishing a connection with the interviewer.

  • Objectives
    • - Arrive promptly for an interview
    • - Make productive use of the time waiting for the interviewer to arrive
    • - Manage nerves
    • - Enter the interview confidently
    • - Build rapport with the interviewer
  • Topics
    • - Between Your Door and Theirs
    • - Dealing with Nervousness
    • - Making a Good First Impression
    • - Establishing a Connection


Chapter 4: Listening and Answering

This chapter shows you how to actively listen to the interviewer and answer the most common interview questions with the solutions that the interviewer needs.

  • Objectives
    • - Focus on the speaker and draw out the issues and needs that should be addressed
    • - Listen and respond to the speaker
    • - Show the skills and solutions the manager can expect
    • - Answer common interview questions
  • Topics
    • - Dynamic Listening
    • - Focusing Your Efforts and Judging Reactions
    • - Demonstrating Your Skills
    • - Employment and Salary Questions
    • - Problem-Solving and Historical Questions
    • - Unusual and Inappropriate Questions


Chapter 5: Taking the Reins

This chapter shows you how and when to steer an interview, and how to handle salary negotiations.

  • Objectives
    • - Decide when to provide direction and action to an interview
    • - Communicate effectively with many types of interviewers
    • - Negotiate salary at the proper time in an interview process
  • Topics
    • - Steering the Interview
    • - Dealing with the Individual
    • - Talking about Money
    • - Negotiating Your Paycheck


Chapter 6: Asking Questions

This chapter shows you how to ask questions in an interview that will provide needed information as well as demonstrate preparedness for the job.

  • Objectives
    • - Identify which questions to always ask at an interview
    • - Use questions that demonstrate eagerness to get the job started
    • - Choose questions that confirm capability for a job
  • Topics
    • - Questions to Always Ask
    • - Questions about the Job
    • - Questions That Show Your Vision
    • - Questions for Different Professions


Chapter 7: Opening Interviews

This chapter shows you how to generate opening interviews for themselves and how to handle gatekeeper and telephone interviews designed to weed out unsuitable candidates.

  • Objectives
    • - Get an informational interview with companies in the targeted industry
    • - Conduct an informational interview
    • - Demonstrate suitability in gatekeeper interviews
    • - Handle telephone interviews in a manner that encourages additional interviews
  • Topics
    • - Getting an Informational Interview
    • - The Informational Interview
    • - Passing a Gatekeeper Interview
    • - Giving the Gatekeepers What They Need
    • - Preparing for a Telephone Interview
    • - The Telephone Interview


Chapter 8: Tough Interviews

This chapter show you how to handle difficult interviews, including group interviews, performance tests, and stress interviews.

  • Objectives
    • - Manage group and multiple interviews
    • - Handle computer tests
    • - Deal with interviews during meals
    • - Solve performance tests
    • - Handle stress interviews
  • Topics
    • - Juggling Group Interviews
    • - Handling Computer and Meal Interviews
    • - Acing Performance and Employment Tests
    • - Grace under Stress Interviews
    • - Answers to Stress Questions


Chapter 9: Following Through

This chapter shows you how to overcome objections during interviews, handle follow-up interviews, and step through the process from post-interview to the first days on the new job.

  • Objectives
    • - Resolve objections that arise during an interview
    • - Manage follow-up interviews
    • - Create thank-you letters after an interview
    • - Follow up after an interview
    • - Manage a job offer and starting a new job
  • Topics
    • - Overcoming Objections
    • - Answering Career Objections
    • - The Follow-Up Interview
    • - Thank-You Letters
    • - Following Up

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