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Customer Service Skills Training

Customer Service Skills Training CourseOur Customer Service Training package provides you, whether you are an existing or new to handling, selling to, or dealing with customers, the skills to deliver exceptional customer service.


This Training course will help you to appreciate the influence that the thinking styles and behaviours can have on team morale, organisational culture and the perception of external customers. Champions of customer service are conscious of their own personal impact, they can communicate company values through their own behaviours and take an assertive approach when dealing with customer interactions by focusing on common goals for a win-win outcome.

  • Customer Service Training Package
  • £500.00
  • Customer Service (Videos)
  •  3.6 Hours
  • £249.99

Knowing what your customers really need is the key to providing high quality customer service. Being accessible, listening to concerns and resolving problems are fundamental when building customer loyalty. Our programs will help you develop the skills to achieve total customer satisfaction.


This series is presented using streaming video.


Interactive questions appear periodically during this video to engage the learner and reinforce key concepts. An index lists the key sections of the video, with the ability to select sections to play. Slides accompany the videos and reinforce the learning topics. These slides can be downloaded for reference after the course is completed. A full-text transcript of the video can be viewed. Text in the transcript is selectable to choose a point to play the video.


• Building Customer Loyalty
• Delighting Your Customers
• Building Web Relationships (Interview)
• Creating Customer Value
• Crown Your Customers (Interview)
• Customer Convenience is Key to E-Commerce (Interview)
• Customer Service Strategy
• Dealing with Customer Complaints
• Exceeding Customer Expectations
• Getting to Know Your Customers
• Getting Your Customer Experience Right (Interview)
• Implementing Effective Service Standards
• Keeping Loyal Customers
• Measuring Customer Service
• Profits, Not Promises (Interview)
• Understanding Customer Service
• Working Wounded: Building Relationships with Your Customers
• Working Wounded: Good News About Customer Complaints

  • Customer Service
  •  26 Hours
  • £299.99

This series is designed to help users create and maintain good customer services. Concepts covered include defining company-wide customer service and standards, strategies for effective communication, and effective problem resolution. The series also provides an overview of creating a customer service department that includes useful tools for providing excellent customer service.


• Defining Service
• Communicating
• Fixing Problems
• Building a Department
• Tools of the Trade

  • Customer Service Fundamentals
  •  10 Hours
  • £249.99

This training course is for anyone who provides service to customers or who works with others who provide service.


Inadequate customer service is the number one reason consumers stop patronising one company and take their business to another. This series illustrates the importance of providing quality service, and it provides specific guidelines for delivering service in-person, by phone, by e-mail, and through instant message. It also illustrates the popular CLEAR method of handling customer complaints.


• Framework for Success

  Who Are Your Customers?
  The Instant of Absolute Judgment
  Getting Everyone Involved

• Communication Skills

  Greeting Customers
  The Tone of Your Delivery
  Using the Right Words
  Matching the Customer's Style

• Communication Methods

  Instant Messaging


• Delighting Your Customers

  Describe the ways one company has gone about creating a fun atmosphere in the

  Explain the impact of workplace fun in fostering customer loyalty
  Consider ways to make your workplace more enjoyable


• Handling Complaints

  List the elements of the CLEAR method of handling complaints
  Apply the CLEAR method in a variety of circumstances