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Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma training course

Six Sigma is a unified approach to achieving improved performance.

Correctly deployed, Six Sigma will drive continuous improvement or even dramatic step changes in performance.


The approach can be applied in many situations and is equally relevant within the private and public sectors. Many major organisations have already adopted the methodology of Six Sigma and are experiencing remarkable improvements as a result.


Using a rigorous data based approach, Six Sigma encompasses an extremely wide and comprehensive toolkit as well as a structured methodology for deploying these tools, to increase customer satisfaction, drive out errors and waste, reduce cycle times, reduce costs and improve delivery.


Our Six Sigma e-learning & Online video based programmes require the student to accomplish assigned exercises and case studies and undergo testing in the subjects covered.

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  • Six Sigma (Videos)
  • £199.99

For employees and directors and executives of companies considering Six Sigma.


Six Sigma is a strategy and methodology for improving the performance of an organisation, focused on fact- and data-based decision making. These programs explain the basic principles of the Six Sigma process and the steps for successfully deploying it in an organisation.


• Six Sigma Fundamentals
• Introduction
• Why Six Sigma?
• Managerial Initiative
• Methods and Tools
• The Tools and DMAIC
• Six Sigma Roles
• Six Sigma Deployment Roadmap
• Success Factors
• Launching the Initiative
• Deployment Plan Elements
• Project Selection Criteria
• Launch Steps
• Managing the Effort
• Lasting Six Sigma
• Sustaining Momentum
• Growing the Effort
• Design For Six Sigma
• Creating an Integrated Improvement System
• Six Sigma and Other Quality Programs
• Summary