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social media Training Package

You've probably heard of websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These social websites quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon with the help of ordinary individuals across the globe. Today, social media assumes a more prominent role as a preferred channel of communication. The more you know about social media platforms and how to use them effectively, the more you will benefit. Using social media to market a business can be daunting, but done correctly it will improve sales, build an online brand present and drive traffic to your website.



Our Social Media Training Package is designed to provide a strong foundation for understanding and using social media for marketing, brand awareness and customer interaction and services. Examples of skills you will take away from the Social Media Training Package:


 - Customer generation, learn how to generate new traffic and customers to your website using Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing and e-Commerce.
 - Learn to integrate Social Media with existing marketing activities.
 - Learn how to use Facebook to build brand awareness and a fan base of customers.

 - Monitoring competitors.
 - Discover how to use Facebook and Social Media for benchmarking, 'listening' and engaging with customers.
 - Learn how to increase your social influence - expanding your fan and followers base
 - Or simply, how to become more 'popular' than your friends!



Below is a breakdown of the courses available:

  • Social Media Business Training Package
    (all courses shown below, total package approx. 95 hours of learning)
  • £1099.99
  • Facebook Trainer for Individuals and Marketing

The Facebook Trainer for Business has been developed in co-operation with Facebook and essentially is a series of elearning courses to explain everything you need to know about developing a successful Facebook strategy for your business no matter how big or small.


Why use Facebook for marketing?


As a genuine part of people’s lives, Facebook is a powerful, modern and cost-effective way to build deep relationships with your customers, drive brand awareness through word of mouth marketing and understand what your customers are thinking. With the right knowledge and approach, Facebook marketing can transform your sales.


- Over 800 million active users and counting

- 700 billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook

- Around 70% of your customers are on Facebook

- 20 million people become fans of Facebook pages each day

- 58% of users “Like” a brand’s page because they are a customer

- 56% recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan


Some of the popular subjects that the course will cover are:


Facebook Trainer for Individuals and Marketing- Getting Started with Facebook

- The benefits of Facebook as a marketing tool

- Growing Your Fan Base

- Building an online presence

- Promoting your business, offers and events

- Developing Your Brand

- Creating a Loyalty Deal

- Engaging with Your Customers and Prospects on Facebook

- Facebook advertisements

- Facebook offers

- Facebook Groups and Events

- Facebook social Plug-Ins

- Going beyond the Facebook page

- What to avoid

- How to use Facebook to measure the success of your marketing campaigns

- Common Facebook marketing mistakes

- Planning and tips for long-term marketing success


Each course uses engaging activity screens, questions and assessments in conjunction with videos which set the scene for fun, interactive learning. Students will work through real-world marketing challenges and will learn how to overcome them. Authentic screenshots, interactive activities and videos feature throughout.


The course will teach best practices for creating and updating Pages, using Ads, Sponsored Stories and viral marketing techniques. Action screens direct learners to apply new skills to their own business context. The training is delivered through a secure, privacy controlled application, so you can jump in and out of any course whenever you sign in.


  • • Gain access to NUS Student Discount Card. Exclusive student discounts with Apple stores,
  •   ASOS, Co-op food, Amazon, Microsoft softwares, Cineworld, Odeon, EasyJet, Matalan,
  •   Superdrug, The AA, National Express, Three Mobile, Riley's, Domino's, Pizza Hut,
  •   McDonalds, the list goes on!
  • • 1 on 1 Tutor Support available throughout your entire training;
  • • Freephone Support;
  • • Comprehensive and Fun Interactive Learning with Videos, Simulations, Exercises, Text, Audio
  •   and our Tutors;
  • • Certificate on completion and passing the course;
  • • Access to constantly updated content;
  • • Practice Tests, Questions and Answers;
  • • No additional software needed;
  • • Flexible learning over PCs, MACs, Tablets and Hand-Held/Mobile Devices
  • Communicating in the World of Social Media Training
  This course is for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of social media and discover ways to use social media to communicate, promote, and market business or personal activities. It also provides a strong foundation for understanding and using social media in the workplace.

This course is set out in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Social Media
  • - The Social Media Revolution
  • - Social Media versus Traditional Media
  • - Social Media Building Blocks

  • Chapter 2: Types of Social Media
  • - Email and IM
  • - Web Forums
  • - Conferencing
  • - Web Logs
  • - Wikis
  • - Podcasts
  • - Content Sharing
  • - Social Networking
  • - Collaboration and Content Management
  • - Virtual Worlds

  • Chapter 3: Social Media in the Workplace
  • - Enhancing Work with Social Media
  • - Using Social Media on Company Time

  • Chapter 4: Social Media Marketing and Support
  • - Attracting Customers with Social Media
  • - Supporting Customers with Social Media
  • - Measuring the Effect of Social Media
  • Internet Marketing (E-Commerce & SEO)
  More than 100 million web sites on the World Wide Web strive for exposure. Search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine results pages (SERPS) are powerful internet marketing activities you will grasp on this course, aimed at ensuring your online business increase sales, by guaranteeing that your products and services are easily found by huge crowds.

  • Chapter 1: The News Rules of Marketing
  • - Old Rules of Marketing
  • - Old Rules of PR
  • - The New Rules

  • Chapter 2: Building a New Rules Marketing Strategy
  • - Building a Marketing Plan
  • - Writing for Your Customers
  • - Developing Thought Leadership Content
  • - Influencing the Buying Process

  • Chapter 3: Developing a Contect-Rich Web Site
  • - New Releases
  • - Blogs
  • - Podcasts
  • - Interactive Forums
  • - The Content-Rich Web Site

  • Chapter 4: Online Marketing Tactics
  • - Search Engine Marketing
  • - Viral Marketing
  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Online Media Room
  • - The New Rules of Reaching the Media
  • Running an online Business
  This course series examines topics related to creating an e-business. After providing an introduction to e-commerce, the series examines how to start an e-business, establishing a business presence, and creating critical applications. Also covered are the legal ramifications of e-commerce, transaction processing and data mining, managing costs, and the logistics of providing customer service and payment processing. Other topics covered include building a strategy to market and advertise your e-business, resource planning, and ongoing business management.

  • Chapter 1: Your E-Business
  • - E-Commerce and Your Company
  • - Future Directions
  • - Where You Are and Where You're Going
  • - Building Resources
  • - Marketing and Management

  • Chapter 2: Getting Started
  • - Benefits of E-Commerce
  • - Defining E-Commerce
  • - Your Domain
  • - Internet Mechanics
  • - Initial Operation Issues

  • Chapter 3: Influences on E-Commerce
  • - Moving E-Business Foward
  • - Internet Stock
  • - Increasing Stock Value
  • - Building a Presence
  • - Approaching the Market

  • Chapter 4: Killer Apps
  • - What Are Killer Apps?
  • - Rules for Building Killer Apps
  • - The Rest of the Rules
  • - Land Mines to Avoid
  • - Other Potential Problems
  • - Protecting Yourself

  • Chapter 5: Developing Your E-Business
  • - The Virtual Corporation
  • - Transferring Information
  • - Laws of E-Commerce
  • - Considering Your Options
  • - Looking to the Future

  • Chapter 6: Real-Time and Data Mining
  • - Real-Time Systems
  • - How Real-Time Can Work for You
  • - The Data Mining Process
  • - Collecting and Analyzing Data

  • Chapter 7: Lowering Your Business Costs
  • - The Supply Chain
  • - Automating the Vendor Flow
  • - Automating the Customer Flow
  • - The Virtual Workforce
  • - Managing Virtual Employees
  • - Strategies and Solutions

  • Chapter 8: Customer Service and Payment
  • - The Call Center
  • - Other Customer Service Concerns
  • - Payment Types
  • - Payment Systems
  • - Payment Security

  • Chapter 9: Marketing Your E-Business
  • - Identifying Your Customers
  • - Developing a Marketing Plan
  • - Affiliate Marketing
  • - Marketing Models
  • - Other Marketing Examples

  • Chapter 10: Advertising on the Internet
  • - Internet Promotion
  • - Finding Your Customers
  • - Designing Your Ads
  • - Drawing Customers to Your Site
  • - Looking to the Future
  • Customer Service Fundamentals

  Inadequate customer service and interaction is the number one reason consumers stop patronising one company and take their business to another. This series illustrates the importance of providing quality service, and it provides specific guidelines for delivering service in-person, by phone, by e-mail, and through instant message. It also illustrates the popular CLEAR method of handling customer complaints.

This course is set out in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Framework for Success
  • - Who Are Your Customers?
  • - The Instant of Absolute Judgment
  • - Getting Everyone Involved

  • Chapter 2: Communication Skills
  • - Greeting Customers
  • - The Tone of Your Delivery
  • - Using the Right Words
  • - Matching the Customers Style

  • Chapter 3: Communication Methods
  • - Telephone
  • - E-Mail
  • - Instant Message

  • Chapter 4: Delighting Yuor Customers
  • - Delighting Yuor Customers

  • Chapter 5: Handling Complaints
  • - Handling Complaints

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