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MCSE Training

The Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) is the best-known Microsoft certification. It qualifies an individual of being able to analyse business requirements for Information System solutions, and design, admin and implement the infrastructure required. Currently, as of 2009, the MCSE is available for Windows Server 2003 and can be transitioned to work with Windows Server 2008, but is not a necessity. To obtain the MCSE, candidates must pass six Core Design exams (Four networking exams, one client operating system and one design exam) and one Elective exam, for a total of seven exams. Note: Many of the MCSE Windows Server 2000 exams retired in 2008, however we still offer and run its training programs.

Microsoft products can be found on most PCs and businesses today. It dominates the IT market with 86% of computers on the globe using Microsoft technologies. These range from software to server mainframes in business headquarters. Indeed, this makes Microsoft Training the most recognised in the industry and can be invaluable to one's career success for a lifetime.

In Britain, the average wage for a MCSE is £39,000pa. The average salary for a MCSE graduate is around £22,000pa. Typically the graduate will find jobs as a junior support roll or even as a contractor. As the individual gains more experience and knowledge from their work environment and continues to study in their own time, in 1-2 years he is expected to enjoy quick raises and promotions as his fundamental core skills and range of knowledge improves. Of course if you already know your industry, you can leap-frog to the optimum wage or even setup your own business!